Located in the historic Sempione Park, La Triennale di Milano is an essential stop for any contemporary art lover. Housing some the best exhibitions on Italian design in the world it is a one stop tour of the finest examples of urban planning, architecture, music, and media arts that Italy today has to offer.

The purpose and the challenge of La Triennale is to have visitors come back twice a year. Personifying the idea of a dynamic, and not a crystallized or static Museum or space, the Triennale is constantly renewing itself and evolving, time and time again. A walk through its walls offers a fresh scientific as well as emotional experience; intriguing visitors to want to repeat it.

Filled with well designed spaces, beautiful exhibits, a well stocked library and an elegant café, the La Triennale di Milano is a living and dynamic space that inspires all who enter. Unique on the cultural circuit of Italy the museum and surrounding gardens are the perfect place to spend an afternoon understanding what Milan is really all about.

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