Talk: Arte Applicata

Arte Applicata was born from the need to combine the professional skills of Stephan Hamel and Nicola Paccagnella in a single office.

Solesdi Miami

Miami from the late nineties and early 2000s has transformed, perfectly combining its postcard image linked to beaches, tourism, and nightlife, with the rise of cultural movements, initiatives, and art investments.


Immense skyscrapers and hypertrophic technology invade the streets, creating a network of people always on the run and relationships increasingly free from a specific time or place.

Signs of Charisma

In the deep exploration of the living and its beautifully diverse dimensions and functionalities, Henge has found its unique way to reinterpret one of the most charismatic elements of interior decoration: the rug.


The desire to experiment and create new elements sees deepening and becoming more and more incisive Henge’s collaboration with Ugo Cacciatori, the contemporary jewelry and lifestyle designer.

Shades of Iran

The rose of the barren winds

Yabu Pushelberg

Their collaboration with Henge, born from a mutual attraction and a shared projectual philosophy, lead to the creation of successful collections and to a renewed willingness to experiment together.

H.N. Lin Design Center

Born in 2008, the H.N. Lin concept store goes beyond borders and the very idea of decoration to satisfy the new generations interested in Italian style and elegance.


“To my child’s eyes, which had seen nothing else, Shanghai was a waking dream where everything I could imagine had already been taken to its extreme.”

Start from scratch

Beirut has always been a magical place, in which ancient culture and social conscience intertwine with the colours of nature, with the sound of a country that keeps going forward regardless of the obstacles.