Milan Design Week

The long-awaited Milan Design Week 2016 consecrated again Henge’s international success. The event shined a light on the new collection and the amazing research of rare materials, hand-crafted to create products so unique to be considered single masterpieces. From April 12 to 17 2016, Milan became the international core of the best brands and events for design lovers. The city hosted the latest edition of Milan Design Week, featuring Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Fuorisalone with their exclusive events and stunning shows.

Slim Side StoneElm® Limited Edition

StoneElm® was created by the union of Nature and Time, in a dance of the earth that embraced wood, protecting and changing it for a thousand years. When logs that due to landslides and movements of the superficial forest have slipped underground and have been wrapped up and cherished under layers of clay, nature treasures them for a millennium, only to make them resurface today in a new, unprecedented beauty. Nothing stays the same forever, but the real beauty of nature lays within its changes and shades, as for StoneElm®. Henge approached to this incredible rarity with precision and devotion, choosing the best way to enhance the beauty of a material that became timeless after being aged by the hands of Nature.

Casa Clara

Henge decorates the spaces of Casa Clara, a stunning luxury private residence that is a majestic architectural masterpiece. Ralph Choe and Ruben Gomez, from award-winning studio Choe Levy Fischman Architects, created this rationalist project applauded as one of Miami’s South Beach most prestigious residences. Completed in the early 2016, the entire project has been developed on a surface of 2,100sq. m., featuring a residence of 1,150sq. m., making a strong, standing statement of power and magnificence while connecting the Ocean and integrating it with its design.
As a diamond capturing light, the project catalyzes the effects of blue sea, green earth and dusky pink sky, embracing the place where it stands and making the elements of the landscape a part of the design themselves.

Cote Deco Istanbul

The culture of a city that is a bridge between two continents finds its synthesis in the taste for art and design at Cote Deco. The amazing showroom in Istanbul changed its look right at the beginning of 2016, giving a strong statement and imposing itself in the heart of a constantly moving city.
Eren Merzeci, Partner in career and life of Remzi Merzeci, tells her history and most significant milestones in the making of this important centre for interior design and art, starting from her first steps to become and affirmed Art Director of movies and advertisement.
–As my original career was related with art and decoration, and my husband and I were personally interested in interior design, we decided to establish our company and showroom in the year of 2000- says Eren. -Since then, both of us we worked in interior decoration with the best Interior Architects and Projects in Turkey and also all around the world.–
Not only a place for luxury design local industry, but an international oriented showroom
that masterly mixes different cultures and pieces finding the perfect combination for the taste of every one of its customers. -In our showroom we try to present the top quality and taste of interior items from all of the world for our Turkish clients- continues Eren.


A journey is more than a vacation. Every journey is like living a new state of mind, having a walk down the streets of different cultures and emotions, collecting pictures of unknown corners and finding secret spots within the most famous cities of the world. Going through a journey means to fall in love, to have eyes and heart stolen by the beauty of the skylines, the shapes of the buildings, the perfection of the drawings and the details outside and inside a house. The real journey begins when we decide to stop watching and we start seeing instead.
Henge has always been connected to the concept of journey: a way to discover and get deeply inside materials, cultures, people, design, art, knowledge itself. That is the reason why the brand of luxury interior design launched in 2013 a project about travels around the world from an Henge perspective.

Talk: Giberto Arrivabene

What is the perfect creation made of? First of all, of emotional music that creates an order among the different yet complementary elements. A music that nourishes art, able to transform an artwork into something unique instead of a serial product. A brilliant masterpiece that has to be ambiguous, never objective. Then, it is made of creations without a clear and defined meaning, carrying a little of uncertainty inside instead. This way only, in the uncertainty, people will be mesmerized by the creations and they will not limit themselves just using them. Every artwork has to be allusive and never too direct, because the ones to charm are the shades, not the full colours. Shades —on the tones of grey and amethyst— like the ones lived during the childhood by Giberto Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga, Murano master glassmaker, that depict a portrait of Venice, his hometown, with placid, dramatic, deeply romantic hues. An enchanted place —that Arrivabene lived from his rooms at Papadopoli Palace, among the frescos of Tiepolo and his domestic affections— without nowadays poetic light. Art is poetry, speaking without speaking, suggesting creative shades able to indicate something only hinted at, never explained. Because creativity and art have to be fully savored and the only way to do so is letting yourselves be charmed by them, by the concealed and mysterious knowledges. With these conceptual premises, the dialogue between Henge and Giberto Arrivabene opened last January, in the countryside outside of Venice. A shared manifesto that is transformed into a real cultural manufacture based on a solid balance between content and aesthetic, where material, knowledge and form are combined in the light of a timeless appearance, able to create contemporary stylish items far from the cold minimalism. Artifacts that tell historic values, research and love for art.

Talk: Massimo Castagna

Take five minutes to discover a famed architect who has been signing his name on many important design brands collections: Massimo Castagna.
Passionate vocation or rational approach? How have Massimo Castagna, architecture and design crossed paths? Castagna recounts, “Late 60s, I am with my father who has been producing steel furniture for quite a long time. Suddenly, a man walks in with a sort of wood cabinet in his hands. He asks my father to make it in steel. The man was Osvaldo Borsani and, one year after,
that cabinet won the award Compasso d’Oro ADI with the name Graphis. At that moment, the word ‘design’ did not even exist, but I guess I had already found my way.” After his architectural studies concluded in 1984 at the Polytechnic University of Milan, Massimo Castagna founded the studio AD Architettura.
Today, he is still following important projects for international and historical design brands. He has worked with many significant names in the design world, including Acerbis International, Ceccotti Collezioni, Exteta, Gallotti&Radice, Giorgetti, knIndustrie, Minotti and Rossana Cucine. Massimo Castagna also continues in his role as Art Director for brands like Henge, which he has been following since its very inception.

Miami City

One of the most iconic images of Miami is of someone laying on the beach to sunbath just above the Tropic of Cancer, which experiences an occasional tropical rainfall, but the city has much more to discover than just that.
The heart of the dynamic city is Downtown Miami, the central business district in Florida, on the eastern side. However, if you are looking for thrilling nights out in Miami, then going South is the best option to find bars, nightclubs and bohemian shops, an ideal spot for students. Hidden among its narrow, winding roads lined with trees is a dazzling historic neighborhood – the amazing Coconut Grove.

Solesdi Showroom

In a city where the sun always shines – the Solesdi showroom – an astonishing building in the heart of Miami’s Design District, has been internationally recognized as a stronghold for Made in Italy design. The Solesdi showroom is the place to find inspiration that exceeds expectations, to meet new people and to create new vibrations in the house with an unbeatable mixture of different cultural influences. Sales Manager at Solesdi, Fernanda Estevez, says, “I was born in Mexico City, a country rich in architecture and design. After moving to Miami at a young age, my passion continued to grow for these fields, thus choosing to pursue my career in them. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in interior design, I started working in an interior design firm, then moved to kitchen and bathroom design and finally arriving to Henge.”
Fernanda Estevez and her team fell in love with the idea of total customization and flexibility of Henge’s pieces. Subsequently, they decided to start a forward-looking, flourishing collaboration with the brand, embracing its philosophy and bringing it to the Sunshine State. She notes, “I was first introduced to Henge in Salone del Mobile, and I was blown away by its rich textures and materials and by the craftsmanship involved. I am 29 years old now, and, although at my young age I have had the chance to meet many great influencers in the international interior design market, I believe Henge is on the cutting edge for its creations, something worth following.”
Solesdi’s exceptional work and the brands they select have earned them the title of the forefront leader in many famous and stunning projects featuring big names in architecture. Among them are the remarkable Casa Clara, Miami Beach, created by Ahmad Khamsi, almost entirely furnished by Solesdi showroom, and the recently completed Palazzo del Sol, the newest luxury residential building on Miami’s famed Fisher Island, with the prized work of Solesdi’s Max Bonati.

Murano Glass

Murano glass is made exclusively on the Venetian island of Murano, where, for centuries, a legendary selection of artisans has specialized in making ornate glassware. They alone have the secret recipes to refine traditional techniques and the unrivaled know-how to develop new special technology. Their creative minds and skillful hands have led to a wide variety of Murano glass styles, including crystalline glass, enameled glass (smalto), glass with threads (aventurine), multicolored glass (millefiori), milk glass (lattimo) and imitation glass gemstones.