Talk: Paolo Tormena

Henge has a new home: why has the Brand decided to “still” invest so significantly on Milan?
Milan is an international hub for many industries. In the design industry, Milan is the hub. S34 (showroom Henge in via Della Spiga 34 - editor’s note) is our clients’ home, a space where we don’t sell anything, but where we welcome all our worldwide partners and their clients to explore our collection.Our objective was to create an original and unconventional interior design project by filling up volumes with the mood that characterizes us. The task hasn’t been easy because the space has three levels with completely different architectural characteristics in each one. However, we decided to take this as plus rather than a challenge. The investment is significant, but we think that we can leverage our position and attractiveness to welcome our guests throughout the year and not just for the Design Week.
Rediscovering the tradition and history of Made in Italy seems to be a constant driver for Henge in its collections/presentations. Can you tell us something more about this process?
Sure! This is a driving factor for us. We believe that we need to preserve and cultivate the Italian know-how and craftsmanship. In the Veneto region (where Henge is - editor’s note), there is a huge network of small artisans that have incredible passion and knowledge. We are proud to say that in many cases, these small organizations where on the verge of shutting their doors. Partnering and creating synergies with them has been one of the key factors of Henge’s success and, needless to say, it helped them to start producing more consistently again.
Henge explores the universe of kitchens: what is HK?
Henge Kitchen is one of our latest creations. Looking at our collection, we realized that we wanted to complete our mood in the living area space by introducing our idea of the kitchen. Since ancient times, the kitchen has always been the core of the family reunion. Back in the day, families and friends used to gather around a fire. HK it’s just that, a kitchen island where people can gather around, have a conversation, and nibble some food. HK other than having strong aesthetic values it’s built to be functional as well. Details are studied down to the smallest screw. I can also spoil something… There is a dedicated book coming up… It will explain the history of the kitchen from the Stone Henge to the future in an unconventional way. Stay tuned.
Henge was one of the first Brands in the design circuit to bet on music sharing through its digital channels. What does music mean to you and how does it integrate with your role as CEO?
I believe that music is a communication tool that everyone understands. It doesn’t matter what language you speak; a catchy jingle can boost your emotions regardless of your background.

Interview with the CEO of Henge