Sema at the Hodjapasha Dance Theatre

Set in Sirkeci, the Hodjapasha Dance Theatre is an extraordinary Ottoman hamam, Turkish bath, completely restored in order to host operas and typical dances. The most important masterpiece played that every tourist should see since it is strongly connected to Turkish traditions is the Dervish. Dervish is not a dance but a “Sema”, a religious ceremony dramatically different from belly dancing. This tradition is 800 years old and was proclaimed UNESCO World Heritage on 2005. The celebration represents a mystical journey through mind and love towards God’s perfection. With a hand pointing at the sky, representing God, and the other at the ground, representing Satana, people dance with harmonious moves, whirling until they reach a real estate of ecstasy. If you take part to this beautiful celebration, remember that it is more than a simple play: you can applaud at the end, but during the whole performance everyone should keep perfect silence.

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