Tai Chi class

Tai Chi consists in harmonious movements that stimulate every muscles of the body. It could seems slow, but whoever practices it is well aware of its benefits, which stimulates both body and mind. This ancient form of physical exercise is nowadays considered a martial arts, widely practiced by children and adults. Especially Hong Kong life-long residents loves to weak up early in the morning, reach evocative places, and balance their Yin and Yang in order to merrily start the day.

This form of martial art is a physical exercise combined with meditation. Some people prefer to retreat to secluded places while other appreciate the synergy that sprouts when a large number of people moves in unison.

The most sought destinations are public parks, hills, river shores and panoramic viewpoints. If you want to partake in this unique experience, Tai Chi Master Dr. Ng offers fascinating classes open to the public each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, form 8:00 am to 9:00 am on Avenue of Stars.

Avenue of Stars, on the Kowloon waterfront, Hong-Kong

Edwin Lee

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