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Coffee Tables


Ø 1 cm rod, finish in  H-Silver®: pure 99.9% silver on brass, burnished by hand using traditional techniques, which is a result of an exclusive HENGE recipe.

Wood tops
Solidwood topshaped, thickness 2 cm.
Finish in  heat treated woods as our samples and Swamp Oak oil finish based on natural wax and water. Covered in leather from the samples available.

Leather top
Solidwood topshaped, thickness 2 cm covered in leather.
Finish in leather and nappa as per sample.

Stone top
Stone top, thickness 2 cm.
Finish in stones as per our samples.


Massimo Castagna


61 cm x 58 cm x 30 cm
45 cm x 45 cm x 40 cm
37 cm x 35 cm x 50 c