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Henge Words

The word we love most for defining
the soul of Henge is Journey

A journey begun looking at our native land with new eyes, seemingly suspended in a timeless dimension and untouched by modernity, but which appears to the patient observer as being authentic and of excellent craftsmanship handed down from one generation to the next, the highest expression of Italian know-how.

A journey looking within ourselves, too; a moment of reflection on what we would like to have in our home and on contemporary living.

A project that continues today in keeping with its initial spirit, growing richer with every step, evolving with each experience, offering new visions and new inspirations; a path passing through places and times, reinterpreting the present.

We conceive and create products in which design and the expressive force of natural materials become an organic whole, a combination of space and nature.

Objects that are much more than a piece of furniture: a presence that ages slowly, together with us, day after day, developing that unique patina that only time can create.

A journey in search of the difficult balance between the analysis of the mind and the reasons of the heart from which spring our personal sense of beauty and passion for the things that are intimate and familiar to us.

It is precisely for this reason that people are at the center of our thoughts and our interest: for their ways of living, for their desires and the changes brought about by changing times and customs, factors that influence our needs and consequently what and how should we approach our projects.

Process for burnishing brass using natural substances, such as liver of sulphur.

H-Silver®, a patented Henge process that evolves the concept of burnishing by adding pure 999 Silver to the brass during wetting.

Our approach to the projects
knows no limits in regard
to materials,
technology and form.
Our DNA is foreign
to the dynamics of production
cycles and conformity to a style

Every Henge piece is made exclusively by one of our craftsmen, from production to finishing: this guarantees that every product has its own maximum expressiveness, in keeping with the quality of the brand.

You cannot fool nature,
or copy the beauty
of what it creates,
just as you cannot imitate
the sensations that
only natural materials
can convey

The Henge world is incredibly rich in ideas
and materials that define a personal mood:
woods with deep colors and grain,
stones as works of art, soft, smooth and supple
fabrics and leather, metals burnished and aged
by hand, along with sophisticated materials
such as steel fabrics, ceramized and decorated
Etna lava stone, swamp oak, Titanium stone.

The experience of our craftsmen goes hand in hand with high-tech processes: manual welding and laser cutting; man and machine working together in single unique recipe.

Working natural materials
by hand, we know
that each piece
is a unique work,
and that each product
will be different
from the next

We work with the expressiveness of the material
in all its purity: we use the experience of man
and his desire to experiment, following ambitious
paths that go beyond the use of technology.
We choose materials individually: each piece of stone,
each trunk is valued and treated with care,
using an innovative approach that takes advantage
of their flaws and imperfections.
We choose to be unique.

Our stones are created using a special recipe: selection, cutting and finishing. Each ingredient has an effect on the result and is the secret to the expressiveness of our unique products, making them unrepeatable.

Our leathers are selected to bring out its distinctive characteristics and natural flaws; the aging process enhances its beauty, giving a timeless feel and nuance to the product.

No industry can replicate
what we create, because
we remain bound
to production principles
where nature, weather,
climate and the seasons
still play a vital role
in the final result, and where
the working process
has an ancient history
of tradition and excellence

We search the world for excellence in the selecting of our woods:
exclusive materials such as swamp oak, a unique and original
fossil wood unearthed after spending 400 years underground.
The expressiveness of the wood is ensured by natural processing
which does not alter the material: heat-treating and a polished oil finish.