Chalet Cortina

Chalet Cortina

Cortina d'Ampezzo, IT

Cortina is a vessel of tradition and innovation, and since the 1900s the town has portrayed Italy as a country filled with possibilities, aspirations and charm. It’s been a must for our winter holidays, an oasis of color during the warmer seasons and an open-air paradise during the foliage.

Sports, movies, art and design have turned it into an international icon that speaks about the contemporary lifestyle of the Dolomites.

The Chalet Henge is Paolo Tormena and Isabella Genovese’s private space and it combines Henge’s stylistic hallmarks with the uniqueness of this location: not far from the city center and its nightlife hotspots, the chalet is immersed in the lush greenery of fir trees, with a view on the Tofane, the Cinque Torri and on the Cristallo Mountains.

The Chalet is set in an exclusive private compound and larch wood recovered from the local traditional barns, the old tabiàs, was used in both its exterior structure and its interiors. Architect Genovese’s intervention respected this choice, preserving its aesthetic integrity.

The spaces are functional and live through the light of the Dolo- mites thanks to its large windows and glass windows: conviviality and comfort are provided by the chalet’s day/night layout, the core of the project.


«Today my work is mostly characterized by the dialogue between product and architectural solutions. I try to represent a lifestyle that can convey an authentic atmosphere.

For me, home is a place where intimacy blends harmoniously with social occasions. My goal is to create a continuity between the interiors and its surroundings and balance the living spaces with its landscape, while preserving its original beauty.

I would like this space to respect the place in which it was born, in which it grows and ages in the sunlight. This is where nature blooms surrounded by the charm and the traditions of Italy.

This is how imperfections are transformed into beauty,»

says Isabella Genovese.

«We tried to preserve a sense of balance and well-being. We focused on details and worked with light and its reflections on the textured surface of solid wood: all the furnishings come in special materials; they express our vision of the mountains and, above all, what we love to experience during our getaways.

We use this space during our downtime but we happen to use it for work purposes and during our meetings. For this reason some pieces have been customized to meet different needs. This is why the ratio of a coffee-table can become a work surface, something to sit on or just an artwork.

Cortina’s wood with our precious stones, with the amazing textures of our special leathers and with the softness of warmer fabrics, with the castings of metals and with the art of Pigi (PIERLUIGI SLIS)»

says Paolo Tormena.

Three suites in which guests can relax while admiring the majestic Tofane, a large living/dining area on two levels where guests are caressed by a large fireplace and breathtaking views.