An articulated structure of transversal strips intertwined with brass tubes dialogues with stone and wood surfaces. The creation of the Network coffee table collection, a compendium of the artisan cult, writes a new story of conviviality, making everyday life extraordinary.

Cm 130x70x40h
Cm 180x70x40h
Cm 110x100x40h
Cm 160x50x60h
Cm 200x50x60h
Cm 160x50x81h
Cm 200x50x81h

Frame: 4 cm diameter Brass tube intertwined with a rectangular Brass tube. Finish: Brass hand-burnished using traditional techniques. Tops: Solidwood, shaped, thickness 2.6 cm. Stone top thickness 0.7 cm.

Finish: Heat treated woods as our samples, Swamp Oak and Swamp Elm oil finish based on natural wax and water. Stones from our range (Titanium stone excluded)



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Craftsmanship speaks its own Italian language made of gestures and sounds, a secret code mixing tradition and techniques of the most prestigious Made in Italy. Henge is a rhythm to follow and to be chained to, a sequence of sounds every piece inherits from the hands of their craftsmen, like the unique beat of the production is written in their DNA.