Elongated, tapered legs in black lacquered wood, segmented into armrests, capture the attention, enlivening with the expressive strength of the pose the distinctive, imposing physicality of an edgy silhouette in balance between formal rigor and comfort.


Chair-Va, with or without armrests, revisits classicism, with futuristic scenarios in mind. Its composition appeals to new canons of expression, without renouncing a virtuous artisan interpretation.


The pure aesthetic of a great discipline and mastery of execution reveals the exceptional that hides behind the essential. Materials and skills’ excellences interact in a fusion of authentic creative talent.


Aim to distill the form in its purest representation leads to the graphic incisiveness and dynamic rigor of a minimalistic, sculptural sign. The robust linear act celebrates the powerful expressive quality of metal, emanating a visionary futuristic character.

Floyd – Floor Lamp

From the dexterity of the historic Venini’s master glassmakers blossoms the exquisite, fumè purity of a sinuous shape replicated in double expansion: a fully-fledged artform that amazes with its endless polyhedric versatility.

Gotham Evo

The Gotham table, an unexpected synthesis of solidity and lightness, combines a refined octagonal top in extra clear glass with slender triangular legs in Sand Cast Peltro. A diamond nestled among a corolla of evanescent shades.

Muse Tall

Leaving traditional stylistic codes that nourish the conventional language of controlled forms, Muse coffee table privileges the striking visual contrast of complementary juxtapositions. Rigid and organic lines, metal and stone in tuneful dissonance celebrate with enticement the brand’s dedication to uniqueness.

Pneuma Armchair

Creative freedom dares a vision of generosity and audacity, proposing an exuberant icon as the protagonist of exclusive experiences. The muscular, long-bodied structure with its uninterrupted flow dictates the style of an ambience, creating with its apparent informality, spaces of great contemporaneous cosmopolitan appeal.


Virtuosity expertise and mastery, authorial stylistic signature, concert the repeated rhythmic cadences of glass or wood modular elements in a melodious visual symphony.

Teke Evo

Teke sideboard, a low cabinet with a pure and slender profile. Enveloped by an ethereal, transparent glass structure that holds inside, like all the things of great value, a chest of drawers available in different options, it displays with its simplicity the sophisticated combination of refined and important materials.