Gibson Table

Synthesis of incisive and soft lines, Gibson table, exalts with harmonious balance an effect of great lightness. The delicate tactility of the polygonal top in H-Piuma wood, combined with the versatility of the graphic linearity of a stylized metal base, marks a new chapter of Henge’s creativity in the world of conviviality.


Long rectangular rods hover lightly in the air, displaying choreographic compositions, synergies between creativity and rigor, spectacularity and control, exhibiting alchemies of light, and translucencies of arabesque textures.

Upper Side

A compact and pure geometric shape, emphasized by a masterful execution of details, makes Upper Side a paradigm of rare refinement. The particular flamed effect of the original ‘feather’ wood finish, an elaborate process that has fallen into disuse, gives this complement the warm and intense tones of a superb, intriguing distinctive patina and a great formal lightness.


Sculptural combination of organic and rational lines, rigor, and freedom of expression, Synapse table boldly strikes a perfect balance between the sinuosity of an unusual elongated oval top and the incisiveness of three tapered rhomboid legs.

Twistable Coffee Table and Consolle

Simplicity translated into sophistication is the quality that unites Twistable, a collection of coffee tables of different heights, sizes, and shapes, in a wide range of metal finishes. Unique pieces of incisive graphics and fine craftsmanship stand out as precious details on the whole, strategically adapting to the most convenient combinations.


Art dedicated to light: a signature project that narrates a poetic encounter, activating an intimate, romantic dialogue between a luminous source that breathes life into a tiny housing compound.


A vision tuned to the natural world suggests the robust and sinuous shape of Noce chair. Solidly resting on three legs, it defies the principles of physics, welcoming us with its ergonomic embrace. Its exquisite monochromatism of wood and leather satisfies the most demanding aesthetic aspirations.

Gibson Coffee Table

From the interesting juxtaposition of an irregularly shaped, veneered wood top resting on a burnished steel central leg branching off into three slender, long feet, blossoms Gibson’s warm and versatile sobriety, a side table which exhibits, a particularly attractive and elaborate surface due to a special manual process.


Square or rectangular, the Background coffee table exhibits the added value of Henge authorship: the refinement of a series of lines skilfully engraved on the marble surface, that create an unprecedented interpretation, an original abstract motif, that tickles our tactility.