Henge new openings in Dubai, Dallas and Shenzhen

Henge expands the distinguished international network, consolidating its presence in a market increasingly enthusiastic and eager of the incisive, unconventional style and refined craftsmanship, essence of the brand. Three new exclusive spaces will open the doors in the exciting contexts of Dubai, Shenzhen and Dallas, after the prestigious showcases of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London and Shanghai.

In Dallas, Henge joins the prestigious portfolio at Cantoni Trade, a leading interior design resource located in the city’s iconic Design District. Housed within the showroom’s 30,000 square-foot space, the Henge boutique features sleek and sophisticated living, dining and office environments, each enhanced by the brand’s striking lighting collections.

In elegant and sophisticated environments Henge, passionately dedicated to exploring and reach maximum expressiveness of natural materials, welcome to discover the new collection. All creations, result of Italian know-how, convey the force of an organic selection, molded to enrich as design complements the lifestyle scenarios. The brand’s history is a journey inside the secrets and the fascinating language of this emotional, visual and tactile experiences of weathered stones and fossil woods, remained buried for centuries, enhanced in their preciousness by processes and treatments grounded in the oldest techniques. Table tops, in cappuccino stone, titanium, silver brown wave or black lake stone, combined with heat treated oak, eucalyptus transmit the warm tones of their surfaces and tables as Soprano are able to add a signature of exclusivity to metropolitan environments.

Mood more incisive is expressed by the Saetta table, with the legs in sandcasting bronze and the top in stone. Its design affirms the natural beauty of contrasts: rough and smooth, dark and light, strong and delicate, are a thread that runs through all the collection designed by Massimo Castagna, Henge Creative Director. The porous surface of the Primitive coffee table’s white Ostuni top is emblematic representative of these organic stones, narrators of the passing time. 

The intricate charm of one of the latest Henge’s creations, the Oxymoron dining table, embodies the ambitious paths of the company in the constant evolution of design experimentation. Its wooden micro-mosaic top, an exceptional, sartorial composition, is produced by layering of walnut, cut and then fused together by the hands of the most skilled brand’s artisans. 

Titanium and Platinum burnished by hand, confer great emphasis to the pieces as the Bistrot bookshelf and the Side-X Evo cabinet. The contemporaneous, clean lines of the generous proportions of Lailand, Opus, Human sofas, dressed by nabuks, leathers and upholstery, offer luxury lounging. The assortment of leathers, dyed with natural colors, concur with the wrapping embrace of Exagon and Voyage armchairs

Lighting plays a suggestive role, lingering on metal finishes and enhancing the natural beauty of the materials: burnished brass and silver strips of the Tape Light stretch along the wall and the newborn Starlight, presented in a dynamic, sculptural composition. 

In line with Henge’s natural philosophy: poetically inspired by the branches of the trees, the Savannah chair, artistic proposal of the Irish architect Stephen Tierney, in smooth grey walnut or dark stained and sand blasted ash, offers an extraordinary light and comfortable seat. The organic complementarity combination of the Mushroom coffee tables, creation of the famous design studio Yabu Pushelberg, conceived in sand casting brass or bronze. The new H-Silver shiny finishing of the Be-Mine coffee table superbly stresses the minimalism of the shape obtained through the handmade process of sand casting.

Collaboration with master glassmakers of the Venetian island of Murano has led to forge extraordinary pieces including the polyhedral canes of the Air Light chandelier. Each piece is individually handmade and can be personalized and customized according to the clients’ requests.