Henge at Milano Design City

Henge invites you to discover #20 collection designed by Massimo Castagna and the special collaboration with the Ugo Cacciatori. From 28 September to 10 October 2020, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, limited entry and in compliance with current health regulations.

Henge collection 2020 unveils as a preview a series of new arrivals that, embodying charismatic personalities and faithful commitment towards a superb, high manual skilled tradition, add unique idioms of strong incisiveness to a narration that once again surprises and intrigues us with great empathy. The narrative is enriched by a multiple variety of materials still unexplored today, from stones to fabrics, all strictly natural and really innovative.

Metal finishes and patinas tickle the most demanding tactility, satisfying passion for superior quality craftsmanship. The selection of important materials, available in limited quantity, and almost forgotten treatments enhance veins and grains of the textures, increasing over time a particular beauty that tastes as true authenticity.

The heterogeneity of its contrasting languages seduces us with unexpected juxtapositions and combinations. The products of the new collection perpetrate, in dialogical continuity with a story begun in the past, those values that have made each individual item a reference mark from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Each single entity speaks of excellence, earning its own niche for its exclusive peculiarities, creating with the other objects, a real special and highly valuable art ensemble. The collection has been conceived thanks to the creative contributions and the guidance of the art director Massimo Castagna with a special collaboration of Ugo Cacciatori.