Henge inaugurates Atelier Henge

Henge inaugurates Atelier Henge, the company’s first showroom in Via della Spiga, for the Milan Design Week and the 2015 Shows. A prestigious location, a temple of luxury, fashion, and design in the pulsing heart of Milan, which attracts and makes a name. The 300 square metre apartment, reinterpreted through the mind of Massimo Castagna, becomes the company’s apex, its most vivid expression, its precious fulcrum.
Moving beyond the traditional concept of showroom, the space is an international and timeless interior design project, a product of ongoing, deep-reaching research and valorisation, created above all to amaze a professional public of architects and interior designers. Exploring the idea of the contemporary home in full concrete form and substance; architecture, light, art, industrial products and special works are fused at Atelier Henge into the embodiment of the modern.
In this spirit Atelier Henge welcomes the entire Home Collection. Designed out of appurtenances and negations, past and present, extraordinary objects and ambitious installations; its philosophy, its products, its new concepts, from the living areas to the sleeping areas, are masterfully interpreted by every object in the room giving the chance to fully appreciate a home of the exclusive Henge hallmark.
The Atelier will be open only with a previous appointment, if you want to visit please contact [email protected]
Via della Spiga 7
20121 Milano (MI) – Italy
Tel. +39.0438 1710600