Shades of Iran

The rose of the barren winds
Some journeys start with a clear idea of where they will end, sticking to the comfort of what we plan. Some others chase a feeling, and so the journey becomes a wander through the lands of the unknown, seeking knowledge and being surprised by the fact that, in the end, it is like a wind coming for us, unexpectedly. Our journey through Caucasus started like the first, and transformed into the latter. We were looking for something new, and we found much more than this. We found history, nature, uniqueness, emotions, culture, art, effort, connections, soul: all of this, in the shades of a stone which are more ancient than time. All of this, in the shades of a stone: STR Onyx.
The story of a journey. An upland holding its beauty. The people we met. The secrets we keep. The music in its streets. Can’t you hear all of this blowing in the winds of the Caucasus? Can’t you see it written in its stones?
The uplands of Caucasus are so vast they can take your breath away. The uplands of Caucasus hold their beauty with snowy mountains, and caress their earth with a dry gentle wind. The uplands of Caucasus hide lakes like intimate secrets, and cherish pearls with their barren embrace. We were guests of lands and their people, moving on tiptoes and yet being grounded by landscapes and houses, by stones and palms, the harshness and the delicacy. There is a special flow binding all of the contrasts of the Caucasus together, and making them sound so on pitch it almost seems like a single voice coming from the earth.
We were lucky to find something this rare to bring with us, and to tell you our story, and the experience we shared. We picked the petals of a unique rose of the barren winds of the Caucasus for you: hard to harvest, so craving to become the storyteller of a place, a feeling, a lifetime.

The rose of the barren winds