Endless Vision

Henge presents its new collection ‘Endless Vision’ at the Milano Design Week 2024, introducing twelve new products and a new lighting collection.
Henge presents its new collection ‘Endless Vision’ at the Milano Design Week 2024, introducing twelve new products designed by Massimo Castagna, Ugo Cacciatori, Yabu Pushelberg, Isabella Genovese and Davide Nascimbeni and a new lighting collection in collaboration with historic Venetian brand Venini in a completely renewed space.

The Showroom of Via della Spiga 34 has been redesigned to take visitors on a sensory journey through the world of Italian design, offering an immersive experience that celebrates beauty and craftsmanship excellence. As always, Henge goes beyond the presentation of individual products, masterfully using the S34 space by developing the collection as a true interior project. The products are integrated with architectural solutions that enhance spaces through the material and stunning contrasts.

Henge is proud to unveil its collaboration with Venini, presenting the Floyds Lights Series. The new lighting collection, designed by Ugo Cacciatori exclusively for Henge, includes four glass-blown lights produced in Murano. The fusion of master craftsmen's glass-blowing skills and Henge's timeless design sensibilities results in a product of unmatched quality. The series features the Floyd pendant, Floyd W wall, Floyd Thor floor lamp with a stone base and Floyd Slide, a floor lamp with a metal base.

Henge proudly continues its collaboration with longstanding collaborators Massimo Castagna, Ugo Cacciatori, Yabu Pushelberg, Isabella Genovese and Davide Nascimbeni.

The new offering joins re-editions of iconic pieces with new finishes and is available in new sizes.

All the pieces that compose Henge's new collection are designed to be either complementary to each other through contrasting lines and material uniqueness or individually taken and combined harmoniously to suit different styles. Each one of the new designs draws inspiration from natural, architectural, artistic or conceptual elements, reinterpreted through Henge's distinctive lens.

Amongst all, Henge is presenting Legacy by Davide Nascimbeni, a new modular lighting system that merges aesthetics with functionality that fits effortlessly into the fabric of any space - whether it stands alone, casting its ethereal light in solitary splendour, or seamlessly connects rooms in a symphony of illumination.

Isabella Genovese unveils Diadema Table a sculptural combination of organic and rational lines, rigour, and freedom of expression. Diadema table boldly strikes a perfect balance between the sinuosity of an elongated top and the incisiveness of its masterfully crafted legs.

Also, Opera by Massimo Castagna, the latest sculptural kitchen elegantly adorned with unique marble stone that plays with volumes. This masterpiece of minimalism boasts striking contrasts and clean lines, bringing timeless elegance to any home. Every curve and contour has been meticulously sculpted, with utmost attention to detail, to achieve a harmonious blend of form and function.

The quintessential aesthetic which is the hallmark of Henge is fully represented by using a wide range of high-quality materials, including fine wood, handcrafted metal, unique marbles, hand-blown glass, and fine fabrics/leather, to create pieces that marry design and durability. ​ The Italian high-end furniture and accessories brand is constantly exploring and adopting innovative production processes to ensure the highest quality and efficiency in making its products while focusing on traditional Italian craftsmanship.

“Our latest collection at the renovated Henge showroom in Milan embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to our commitment to timeless design and captivating contrasts, inviting you to discover the beauty of natural materials and exquisite detailing.”

Paolo Tormena, CEO of Henge.