When design meets fashion

Henge in the last two years gave a shape to its unique universe thanks to the realization of its own Atelier 7 Via della Spiga, a place that represents the brand idea of home. The Atelier was often chosen by other brands as the perfect location to host their special events or exclusive presentations.

During the fashion week in Milan 7 Via della Spiga was the perfect surrounding for the launch party of Spring/Summer Collection by Giuseppe Di Morabito a very young and talented Italian stylist.

The romantic style of the brand – characterised by precious and handmade embroidered fabrics – is inserted within a contemporary context that perfectlty fits Henge’s iconic items. During the event, to enlighten the pastel colors of the collection, a series of game of lights have been used with Henge’s lamps such as Pipe Lights, Light Ring and the new Air Light in Murano glasses.

The night party was enriched also by the presence of Vogue Italia editor in chief Franca Sozzani, and the beautiful actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta.
Henge is very proud to have hosted this fashion event in its Atelier.