A new mood for Cote Deco

The great showroom Istanbul based Cote Deco welcomed the new year with new moods and atmospheres: the set-up shows the world of the latest Henge products, their rare materials and intriguing shapes, the feeling their combination emanates.
The new collection gives another light to the space, following and going along with the inspiration and individual identity of the Turkish showroom: Wall Clips in their very special configuration give an extraordinary touch to the room, both magnetic and warm, elegant in their silvery charm.
The combination of different matters plays an important role in making the air of this new collection and this new set-up so inebriating: examples like Ghost Lamps, union of apparently distant worlds like brass and resin, are the key to fall deep in a contemporary concept of living, bold, yet welcoming.
The entrance of the special H-Silver among Henge’s materials at Cote Deco has been greeted with enthusiasm by the public, who finds this attention and research for precious detail striking and catchy.
Cote Deco renews its elegance and care for its customers, going along with Henge in its journey at the discovery of new feelings and sensations that change the way we live our homes and their design.