Mass Beverly shines for Henge

On the October 28th, 2015, Henge took center stage at the prestigious Mass Beverly, a groundbreaking 360 design showroom located in the heart of the West Hollywood design district, where the most important design showrooms are located.
Here, an exclusive cocktail celebrated the strong bond between the brand and Mass Beverly.
The presentation at the Los Angeles showroom is a mirror of the philosophy of Henge, which conceives furniture as a faithful travel companion, able to accompany people through their life journey and evolution, building with them a personal and intimate relationship.
A display that emphasized Henge’s craftsmanship which, between pure art and design, is able to connect sophisticated functionality with emotion and passion for savoir faire.
Animated shapes in every piece underpinned a silent game of architectural rigor and freedom of expression that is a stark departure from the industry’s predictable lines.
A perspective of an entirely tailor-made interior design, and creative workshop, where all is possible thanks to the availability of the best materials – rare woods, burnished metals, soft leathers and natural fabrics, state-of-the-art technologies and a local knowhow. A collection of timeless furniture, Henge is a visionary interpreter of Italian craftmanship.