Henge presents the atelier in via della Spiga 7, Milan

HENGE opened the doors of its Atelier in via della Spiga 7 on Thursday December 10th, in the heart of Milan, illustrating the discreet charm of its world and presenting its first monograph. Not just a conventional showroom but a space conceived for the world of interior design, in order to display the brand’s most significant selection of furniture characterized by a high real value, and to make available to architects and interior designers the tools to create a design system in which on demand is the protagonist. The philosophy of HENGE, in fact, does not envision a closed catalogue of objects, yet it involves tools that are employed to develop a complete customization of the domestic environment together with the designers. The ‘recipe’ is apparently simple: there are no recipes. Thanks to numerous customizable features provided to the interior designers – as materials, finishing, processes and the possibility of defining sizes that are outside the standards- the HENGE customer has more than enough room to research and shape the brand’s atmosphere according to his project. ‘What would we want in our home?’, this is the question Creative Director Massimo Castagna asked himself to begin designing the spaces of the Atelier in via della Spiga 7, at the first floor of an historic Milanese home, of which all the historic features and volumes have been kept intact. A solid balance between content and aesthetics, in which matter, technology and form are combined in the light of some key concepts of the HENGE manifesto. Aesthetics beyond time, to decorate a home with a contemporary taste that is yet far from cold minimalism. Materials and manufacturing quality, of which historic and research value has been handed down, as for example, marsh oak (a fossil wood that has been underground for 500 years) or an artisanal burnishing with liver of sulfur. Complete Customization, for which the idea of design as formal application of various aesthetics to mass production is rejected. All of HENGE’s research in the hands of the interior designers. Suggestions. Besides furnishings, 360 degrees of special creations are also displayed, as the 12-meters-high wall lined with wood paneling. Contrasts, considered as balance between opposites, as, for example, a book matched alongside raw concrete walls. Interpretations, that develop starting from the furnishings functions that do not explain the ‘how’, but the ‘why’ of each choice. Propensity towards Art, whose content and emotional approach flows in the direction of the brand’s universe.
An atelier that faithfully mirrors the international contemporary and high-level projects of interior design, for which HENGE serves as illustrious partner offering furniture, upholstery, lighting, accessories, and special products that feature a high level of customization for home decoration, all rigorously and uncompromisingly handcrafted. The expression of the most sophisticated Made in Italy. To best present the combination of these elements, HENGE presented a precious book that is focused on the artisanal knowhow, narrating the exceptional Italian manufacturing abilities. A volume created by Studio Gusto Ids, divided into three sections, printed in a limited edition of just 300 copies, embellished by images shot by Andrea Pancino and Mattia Pasin, in charge of illustrating HENGE’s vocation towards craftsmanship and the high real value of its products through symbolic images: from building details, to the making of the Atelier in via della Spiga 7 and the finalization of the spaces. Even when it comes to volume, details are what makes the difference; as the fabric-effect paper cover, hand-binding, the closure with 7 red threads and numbered metal plate. The book is the first of a yearly collection that will describe all the steps of the path through beauty and aesthetics that HENGE has build along its journey through innovation and research.