Fausto Salvi

Born in 1965, Fausto Salvi is a ceramic artist whose thirty years of activity has always been characterized by international experiences such as exhibitions, artist residences, workshops and lectures.For the first time he aproaches the world of design and product by signing the Compound project for Henge.

Compound is a table lamp made of metal that holds a ceramic element in the central part. Ceramic is the material he mainly uses for his art pieces and that’s why he has used it to create the ‘heart’ of this project: a group of elements placed side by side that reproduce the archetypal shape of the house.

The name of the lamp refers precisely to this: “compound” is literally an aggregation of several buildings with similar use/ common purposes, sometimes delimited by a fence. The theme of housing is also recurrent in his recent production and this element is a variation of the theme. The metal structure of the lamp refers instead to the poetics of the industrial object, made of mechanical elements and pipes.