Collection #22

The Home is a container in which we collect experiences and share them with those who are part of our lives

Henge has moved its Home and has created a whole new space, in the centre of Milan's Quadrilatero, just steps away from where it celebrated Milan and Design Week for 7 incredible years. Just a few steps away, to express with full force what, through evolution, consistent curiosity and experimentation, the Brand needs to say, in order to continue to break the mould and be wonderfully divergent. The new Home is called S34, a space that allows you to immerse yourself and delve into the personality and creative eclecticism that has been a hallmark of Henge's journey over the years. An augmented surface that merges architecture and product in one breath. Three levels of light, form, matter and function. The secret of this journey that leads to the soul of stones and essences stems from an instinctive love for the beauty of an organic universe, one that is able to surprise you and bring out the amazing prodigious riches that nature holds in store. Textures, veins and features unjustly considered defects are now privileged and enhanced thanks to the Brand's extraordinary wealth of manufacturing know-how and artisan craftsmanship. This is the origin story of the superb new collection, inspired by Massimo Castagna, designers Ugo Cacciatori and Isabella Genovese, and with the collaboration of the renowned design couple Yabu Pushelberg. Henge’s search for exceptional materials and the brand’s dedication to enhancing them has always been a journey toward an objective stylistic truth putting all things in an iconic and organic balance. This is the key that makes #22 Collection the natural continuation of an ambitious journey that can look to the future with a new perspective.