Collection #21

Beauty is a necessity to be shared to satisfy the desire we feel and, at the same time, to cultivate its resurgence

Henge continues along its research path, daily renewing its sublime obsession for contrast, uniqueness, and perfect imperfection. Super Week is an opportunity to open a dialogue with the protagonists, foretasting the appealing fascination created by the Brand together with the artistic director Massimo Castagna, the contemporary jewelry and lifestyle designer Ugo Cacciatori and the renowned architecture studio, Yabu Pushelberg.
An unstoppable journey that overcomes all physical and geographical boundaries. HENGE pursues materials and their evolution with great instinct, looking for for the rarest and most expressive ones, rooted in different cultures and in the most remote international landscapes, combining woods, stones, metals, glass, leathers, and fabrics discovered in the opposite side of the world.