Collection #16

Henge’s world enriches again itself of a uniqueness made to amaze.

The collection 2016 designed by Massimo Castagna marks a deep sign in the history of Henge, with elements whose identity is strong and mood evolutions that embrace every project. The stable installation at 7 Via della Spiga upholsters itself with Henge news, that radically change its structure and atmosphere with entirely custom pieces and details. The environment molds on the idea of space revolution, with elements that step outside their standards to showcase the uniqueness of Henge works. The stand at Salone del Mobile 2016 gives to the big public an immersion into the new mood and consecrate new iconic products like Polygonal Ring, evolution of the largely acclaimed Light Ring, that embodies the idea of destructuring and creative rebirth of this new collection. The lines reform themselves, as well as the combinations of materials and brilliant experimentations able to warm the space with a new, precious light. Henge research on materials in 2016 pushed itself over the limits of time: in its journey around the world Henge met elements like StoneElm®, a fossil wood cherished for over a thousand years under clays, that 10 limited edition pieces were realized with; an ancient and immortal handcrafting work like the one of Murano glass; vintage effects for thick bio varnished leathers like E-Type; a new finishing for the beloved H-Silver® that this year is hand-brushed; stones with outstanding veining like Web-Grey.