Collection #15

Henge is a different, original way of understanding the home, and the design and production of furniture.

A unique approach – not bound by dependency on industrial production cycles and being slaves to convention – which inseparably links contemporary thought and commitment to innovation and experimentation, creative freedom, and true Italian craftsmanship, beyond any style or fashion. Henge products exude the passion of those who make them, displaying the experience of their hands, the time it took to produce them, and the quality and beauty of the materials they are made from, with all their uniqueness and imperfections. What we choose to put in our homes accompany us for a long period in our life. These things are not objects of consumption, but pieces that have to reflect the pleasure of owning them and using them, accompanying us in the passage of time. For 2015, the world of Henge has been enhanced with new features and new materials including burnished and brushed brass combined with H-Silver®, an antiqued silver based on an original formula, in dialogue with unfinished Titanium stone, resin, wood, natural linen upholstery, warm colours, leather and velvet. A friendly, informal and elegant international company formed by pieces from the craftsman’s mould in which the material and design of the products are at the same time design and decorative elements of the house of Henge.