Collection #13

Nature will not be fooled. 

She will not cede anything that she is not prepared to cede. We can’t copy the beauty of nature’s creations. We can’t reproduce the sensations that natural materials transmit to us – stones as works of art, wood, accompanied by profound, unique grains and colours, metals, which, when manually crafted, emanate a warmth whose presence was unsuspected, and soft velvety leathers. We carefully select our natural materials piece by piece. We examine a block, log or trunk and then carefully process it, taking into account its imperfections and flaws, which we consider elements of expression of truly extraordinary, unique value. In order to exalt the incredible traits of the materials that we use, we apply finishes which, likewise, are based on natural products. It is also vitally important for us that all procedures reflect Henge’s respect for the environment. Henge’s collections include not only various woods, stones, hides and fabrics but also extraordinary materials such as steel mesh, baked and decorated lava, processed in accordance with the ancient traditions of Sicily, ceramic stoneware, glass and, lastly, a vitally important ‘material’ for architects – light. We ‘process’ light using advanced technological resources.