A defining milestone

Henge has reached an important milestone in its career and it’s time to celebrate this extremely significant achievement. Pambianco recently celebrated the 15th edition of the “leQUOTABILI20” award for companies that possess the necessary requirements and characteristics to be successfully listed on the stock exchange and Henge has been selected among the winners.

For the Design Holding award, specifically in the Small Cap Ranking, Henge has been granted third place. This represents a huge turning point for the company which has once again overcome itself by showing exceptional value and reaching a position of extreme importance.

Henge at Milano Design City

Henge invites you to discover #20 collection designed by Massimo Castagna and the special collaboration with the Ugo Cacciatori. From 28 September to 10 October 2020, 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, limited entry and in compliance with current health regulations.

Henge collection 2020 unveils as a preview a series of new arrivals that, embodying charismatic personalities and faithful commitment towards a superb, high manual skilled tradition, add unique idioms of strong incisiveness to a narration that once again surprises and intrigues us with great empathy. The narrative is enriched by a multiple variety of materials still unexplored today, from stones to fabrics, all strictly natural and really innovative.

Metal finishes and patinas tickle the most demanding tactility, satisfying passion for superior quality craftsmanship. The selection of important materials, available in limited quantity, and almost forgotten treatments enhance veins and grains of the textures, increasing over time a particular beauty that tastes as true authenticity.

The heterogeneity of its contrasting languages seduces us with unexpected juxtapositions and combinations. The products of the new collection perpetrate, in dialogical continuity with a story begun in the past, those values that have made each individual item a reference mark from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Each single entity speaks of excellence, earning its own niche for its exclusive peculiarities, creating with the other objects, a real special and highly valuable art ensemble. The collection has been conceived thanks to the creative contributions and the guidance of the art director Massimo Castagna with a special collaboration of Ugo Cacciatori.

Munich and Johannesburg new openings

Henge inaugurates a new space in Munich at Egetemeier Wohnkultur. Customers are welcomed in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. The space showcases a set up with a contemporary personality enlivened by a refined selection of furnishings, including best-sellers alongside some novelties from the 2019 Collection.

Among the key pieces in the showroom, the wide composition of the RF seating system, characterized by the braided backrest in slate-coloured Nubuck leather, and the Vertigo chaise longue, covered in sand-coloured Nubuck leather, designed by Massimo Castagna. They are combined with the Mushroom coffee tables, made of sand-casted brass and designed by Yabu Pushelberg. The strength of the Abaco wall lamp, in a H-silver patina finish and white crystal, and the suspended composition of Polygonal Light Rings enhance the space.

The combination of colours plays on the almost entirely monochromatic shades of grey, discontinued by accents of chalk and beige, well harmonized with the minimalist and refined look.

The expansion of Henge abroad continues with the opening of the first showroom in South Africa, in collaboration with Il Lusso, a qualified partner, recognized as the reference point for Italian design in Johannesburg.

One of the main showcases of the store features the imposing Bistro-S bookcase and the RF seating and sofas system together with furnishing elements such as coffee tables, poufs and lights all designed by Massimo Castagna, Henge’s Creative Director. An invitation to enter and discover the Henge world with living and dining solutions, including some of the most representative products of the 2019 Collection and their best-sellers, such as the Tangram bookcase, the Polygonal Light Rings and the S-Penny dining table.

The showroom reveals the refined and sophisticated mood of the brand through an interior concept with great attention to the detail, immersed in a welcoming and bright space. Developed on a 128 square metre area, the new space was designed to offer customers a fascinating brand experience.

Photos Munich: Gabriel Buechelmeier

Henge New Opening Beijing

Henge strengthens its presence in China with the recent opening of a new space in Beijing, which marks a further expansion of the company’s distribution strategy in Asia, following the openings in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai.
The space inaugurated on the 24th of November, located in one of the most dynamic areas of the city, is an exhibition area of ​​105 square meters with a succession of settings with a contemporary mood displaying numerous best and long sellers of Henge. An elegant and refined project, with a selection of pieces, designed for professionals and fans of the brand.

The skilled hands of the Henge artisans, under the artistic direction of Massimo Castagna, create furnishings that enhance the irreplaceable manufacturing abilities of the Made in Italy tradition and developed in unique local contexts such as the Veneto region. In the space there are two dining areas, a living area, and a lounge area designed to relax. The imposing S Penny dining table over 3 meters long with a Black Lake stone top is surrounded by the Savannah chairs, designed by the Irish architect Stephen Tierney, in black walnut with the upholstered seat.

To illuminate the space a composition of Tape Lights in Black Silver finish combined with the scenographic Bistro S bookshelf realized in Platinum finish. The contemporary and clean lines of the Human modular sofa and armchair, with its generous proportions, covered in leather and refined fabrics, give a welcoming atmosphere to the living area. The Mushroom tables, created by the famous design studio Yabu Pushelberg, are made of sand casted bronze. Each piece is the result of craftsmanship and can be customized according to the customer requirements.

Lighting plays an extremely important role, contributing to enhancing the refined metal finishes and natural beauty of the materials: the composition of burnished brass Wall Clips, the Polygonal Lights triptych in platinum finish, and the Starlight made in the chandelier version positioned above the Zenit custom made dining table with Cappuccino stone top.

Domus Tiandi

EN:3F JInbao Place, Np.88 Jinbao Street,
Dongcheng District, Beijing, PR China
CH: 北京市东城区金宝街金宝汇88号金宝汇3层
Tel: +86 10 85221508
[email protected]

Henge at 8408 Hillside Avenue

Henge furnishes one of the most impressive homes ever built in the Hollywood Hills. Designed and crafted by SAOTA in their first-ever ground-up construction, the interiors were curated by Henge in collaboration with Mass Beverly.

The 22,216 sq. ft. project mixes elements of fire and water, including a 12-foot internal cascading waterfall. The property has an incredible indoor and outdoor area with a 163-foot wraparound infinity pool, bar, and lounge with fire pit, plus a rooftop terrace with a dining area, bar, spa, and lounge overlooking expansive views, from the San Gabriel Mountains to Downtown LA all the way to Santa Monica and Catalina Island.

Henge’s collections are unique and quite precious, adding a richness to the grand interiors with their strong and sophisticated personality, refined materials and quality craftsmanship. The home’s living, dining and bedrooms feature elements from the various collections designed by Massimo Castagna and Yabu Pushelberg, including Henge’s trademark lighting systems.

This dream home affirms that Henge is the first choice when it comes to furnishings for projects on the International stage.

Lead Architect: SAOTA
Architects of Record: Woods and Dangaran
Interiors: Mass Beverly
Project Management & Owners Representative Services: Park Lane Projects @parklaneprojects
General Contractor: Fortis Development
Developer: Jeff Thomas
Video: Simon Berlyn
Listing agents: James Bondst, David Bondst, Jason Oppenheim

Henge Beirut showroom

In the heart of Beirut, the Lebanese capital with an international and contemporary flavor, Henge opens a new space entirely dedicated to the brand. An important project, the result of a deep research, of enhancement that places the demand at the center of the design system. The skilled hands of the Henge artisans, under the artistic direction of Massimo Castagna, create furnishings that enhance the irreplaceable manufacturing skills, the result of the Made in Italy tradition and developed in unique local contexts such as the Veneto area.

The display of the store reflects the contemporary, international and high-level interior projects, in which Henge stands as a valuable partner, offering furnishings, upholstery, lighting, accessories, up to special products with a high level of customization for the home decor, all made by craftsmen, without compromises and far from the serial production systems.

On the ground floor are the dining and living areas, the Savannah chairs, designed by the Irish architect Stephen Tierney, in black walnut with a leather seat, are arranged around the Oxymoron Table. Characterized by an organic shape, this table is formed by a large top in hand-made wood mosaic with the Forest Fusion technique, supported by cast bronze legs that are inserted directly into the top.

The contemporary and clean lines of the Lailand modular sofa, with its generous proportions, covered in Sense leather combined with refined fabrics, give a welcoming atmosphere to the living area. The assortment of extremely soft leathers, dyed with natural colors, allows the cocooning embrace of the Exagon armchairs and Gelly poufs.
In line with the brand philosophy, the Mushroom tables, created by the famous design studio Yabu Pushelberg, are made of cast bronze; while the new H Silver glossy finish of the Be-Mine coffee table underlines the minimalism of the shapes obtained through the sandcasting craft process. Each piece is the result of craftsmanship and can be made to measure, customized according to customer requirements.

On the first floor is the bedroom area with the Noctis bed embellished with a circular backrest made of soft Sense leather, the Twistable round side tables in burnished titanium and the spectacular Elbus lamps in thermo-treated wood. The best seller is Cage B, a perfect example of a mix of materials such as wood and metal. For the bathroom area two custom made pieces have been made: Side H Special, storage unit in burnished titanium and fossil oak wood, and the Network Washbasin with Web Gray stone top.

Lighting plays an extremely important role, contributing to enhancing the refined metal finishes and the natural beauty of the materials: the Starlight lamp in cast bronze and burnished brass is presented in an XL version with a width of 180 cm, while the lamp Reflex in white crystal or burnished brass are made in the special version of 200 cm.

The charm of one of the latest creations by Henge, Ozone-L, a monolith kitchen completely covered in Black Lake stone, embodies the ambitious paths taken by the company in the constant evolution of experimentation. In the same area the Bistrot S bookcase in burnished platinum and the composition of Tape Light lights in the H-Silver Black finish.

Henge Beirut
Achrafieh, Charles Malek street, Building Tabaris 130
Beirut, Lebanon
[email protected]

Henge new opening in Taipei

Henge continues its International expansion with the new opening of a store in Taipei. Here, acting as a valuable partner, the brand offers furnishings, upholstery, lighting and customizable products.

Photo credit: Kyleyuphotostudio

Henge expands its international network with the new opening in Toronto

Henge continues to extend the international network with a new space in Toronto, modern and multicultural city, finance and industrial center of the country, consolidating in this way an incisive presence in a market increasingly enthusiastic and eager of the unconventional style and refined Made in Italy craftsmanship of the brand. 

In Toronto, Henge joins the prestigious portfolio at Studio B, a leading interior design resource located in the city’s iconic Design District. Housed within the showroom’s 16,000 square-foot space, the Henge boutique features sleek and sophisticated living and dining environments, each enhanced by the brand’s striking lighting collections.  

In elegant and sophisticated environments Henge, passionately dedicated to exploring and reach maximum expressiveness of natural materials, welcome to discover the new collection. All creations, result of Italian know-how, convey the force of an organic selection, molded to enrich as design complements the lifestyle scenarios. The brand’s history is a journey inside the secrets and the fascinating language of this emotional, visual and tactile experiences of weathered stones and fossil woods, remained buried for centuries, enhanced in their preciousness by processes and treatments grounded in the oldest techniques. 

The incisive mood is expressed by the Stealth table, with the laser etched metal net shaped structure in burnished brass finish and the top in Web Grey stone. Its design affirms the natural beauty of contrasts: rough and smooth, dark and light, strong and delicate, are a thread that runs through all the collection designed by Massimo Castagna, Henge Creative Director. Titanium and Platinum burnished by hand, confer great emphasis to the pieces as the Bistrot S bookshelf and the Side-X Evo cabinet. The dining area is completed by the silver strips of the Tape Light and by the Ex-tra chairs with an extremely comfortable seat upholstered in Symba fabric.

The contemporaneous, clean lines of Lailand and Opus modular sofas, with their generous proportions upholstered in Nubuck and Sense leathers matching with refined fabrics, offer luxury lounging. The Henge’s wide selection of soft leathers, dyed with natural colors, concur with the wrapping embrace of Exagon and Voyage armchairs. 

Lighting plays a suggestive role, lingering on metal finishes and enhancing the natural beauty of the materials: the iconic Polygonal Light Ring finishing in burnished platinum and the newborn Starlight, presented in a dynamic, sculptural composition. In line with Henge’s natural philosophy, the organic complementarity combination of the Mushroom coffee tables, creation of the famous design studio Yabu Pushelberg, conceived in sand casting bronze; while the new H Silver glossy finish of the Be-Mine coffee table emphasizes the minimalism of the shapes obtained through the artisanal process of sand casting. Each piece is the result of craftsmanship and can be customized according to customer rrequests.

The charm of one of Henge’s latest creations, Ozone-L, a monolith kitchen entirely covered in Black Lake stone, embodies the ambitious paths undertaken by the company in the constant evolution of experimentation. Completing the concept bar are the Strip Stools in dark brown E-Type leather, the Loom Program wall and the burnished brass Tubular Light Horizontal lights composition.

Yabu Pushelberg for Henge

Yabu Pushelberg, a multidisciplinary design firm founded by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg in Toronto, launch its second collection with Henge on March 21st, ahead of Salone del Mobile 2019.

The amazing collaboration brings the Noce and Puddle collections to life.
Named Noce, or Walnut in Italian, the family of dining and lounge chairs, handmade in solid wood, were inspired by the sculptural form of a tree. Three elongated legs that embody the strength of a trunk support a gently rounded back and armrest that signify a botanical crown. The proportions of Noce were mastered over the span of two years through the precision and craftsmanship of Henge’s team. Upholstered in nubuck leather, Noce is available in a tonal palette that ranges from honey, taupe, nude, grey to charcoal.

Puddle is a set of three simple, yet sophisticated coffee tables that nod to the natural formations of a landscape. Each, slightly different in proportion, captures the calm, serene beauty of nature with a top that pays homage to a tree canopy supported by tapered legs. Puddle is finished in silver, bronze and burnished brass.

This is the second time Yabu Pushelberg has partnered with Henge on a collection. The two teams were drawn together by a shared design philosophy, appreciation for detail, craftsmanship and the beauty and strength of the natural world. The Noce and Puddle collections will be available for order during Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milan.

Henge is the winner of a 2019 Wallpaper* Design Award

Henge won the title of Wallpaper* Design Awards 2019 winner for the “Best earth tones” category with the Be Mine coffee table designed by Massimo Castagna, the brand’s artistic director and creative guide.

The coveted award given by the renowned magazine Wallpaper* celebrates objects, places, and people that have represented “the best of 2018”. Not only architects and designers but also stylists and creative individuals who have distinguished themselves for their innovation are celebrated as reference points for design, fashion, food, and the global lifestyle.

This recognition is very valuable for Henge and its artistic director Massimo Castagna, who consolidates the brand’s identity on an international level. The new Be Mine coffee table awarded by Wallpaper* is the evolution of the one presented in 2017 in application with sofa seats or with the D-Code table.

Designed to be central in the living area, the Be Mine table evolves from its original application, with edges in the iconic jagged shape, made in XL dimensions of 160×70 cm and 180×70 cm. Along with the polished brass or silver finishes, the construction is completed using the ground casting method.

The standard rectangular shape of the new XL version also provides another pairing with the Touch table, expanding the functions and possible uses. The modular object can be customized based on different needs and contexts. At the same time, it goes beyond the mere purpose of a piece of furniture by representing the brand’s philosophy and creative director.

Rare materials and manufacturing techniques, refined finishes, unusual dimensions and combinations, and material research are the foundation from which Henge takes its steps and thinks of its collections. Objects like the Be Mine table that contain a set of special features soar beyond their own function and become a real piece of contemporary art.