Englischer Garten

English Garden in Munich is one of the biggest public park of the world. A natural 373 hectares wide land that reaches the suburbs.

Within the park, a wide variety of places an monuments may be found: the circular temple built in 1836, from where it is possible to
have a breathtaking view of the city; Japanese House of Tea, visited by a huge number of Japanese tourists everyday; Chinese Tower, maybe the most known monument of the park. In front of the tower, there is one of the most famous Biergarten in Munich, with more than 7000 seats. Biergarten are traditional open bars where people drink beers and eat typical food.

Big and overcrowded, or little and intimate: whatever you may be looking for, the English Park has an answer for it. Everything is even more impressive if you have the chance to visit it by bike: it is the best way to visit the whole park without getting tired.

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