Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is the essence of the culture. “Cezve” is a peculiar kettle of brass with a circular shape, which is often used to make it. Few spoons of coffee need to be put inside the kettle, and then everything has to boil slowly.
Before tasting the coffee, someone will ask for how many sugars are needed and then will put the right amount inside the cup before coffee is poured. Turkish coffee is not filtered, so it needs to wait until it is sedimented on the bottom.
-Bir kahvenin bin yil hatiri vardir- means -An offered Turkish coffee cannot be forgotten for 100 years-. So, do not be surprised if when entering any houses or places you will be offered a cup of coffee: it is even more common than tea, even Apple Chay, one of the most important and traditional teas in Turkey. Once you have drunk all the coffee, remember to put the cup upside down, so that the sediment of coffee left can draw shapes that are traditionally read and interpreted.

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