The Grand Bazaar

In case you are planning a travel to Istanbul, the Great Bazaar is a must-see.
Commonly called Kapalı çarşı, the Gran Bazaar is one of the most ancient bazaars in the whole world and it is set in Fatih, within the Constantinople Walls. While Spice Bazaar is famous for spices market, at the Gran Bazaar not only spices, but fabrics and sweets are also sold. The peculiarity of this bazar is the presence of very interesting hosts: it is fulfilled with artisans and more than 4000 workshops in a very evocative location created 500 years ago.
It is possible to see traditional and ancient methods of working told generation by generation.
If you want to buy anything, remember a bazar is not a Souk. Haggling is a traditional value in the city, but doing it on small and cheap things is considered rude and, in some cases, illegal.

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