Sultan Ahmet Camii

The Sultan Ahmet Camii is one of the most important mosques in Istanbul.
Once you get inside, you will for sure get mesmerized by beautiful colored glasses and Iznik majolicas.
21043 pieces of ceramics upholster the walls with a sky-blue colour. Inside, everything is dominated by different shades of blue: this is the reason why it was renamed Blue Mosque.
The entry is free, but only devoted can get in though the main entrance: another one, placed on one side of the mosque, is dedicated to visitors.
Visitors can get in only if not wearing clothes that excessively show skin. Everyone has to take off shoes and women have to wear a foulard to cover the head.
Built up between 1603 and 1617, Blu Mosque is the biggest one in Istanbul and it has 6 minarets.
Minaret is a tower from where the mu’adhdhin ask for the people to pray Allah 5 times a day.
Devoted interrupt whatever they are doing at the moment and starts joining the pray.

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