Luk Yu Tea House

The Luk Yu Tea House is a must-see for whoever wants to experience traditional dishes and enjoy the traditional atmosphere of ancient China. Visited mostly by locals, the Luk Yu Tea House has many loyal customers for which the ground floor is reserved, even if it is not officially declared. The Luk Yu, alongside its rich selection of infusions and teas, offers traditional food. Indeed, besides been a tea house, it is also a dim sum restaurant with traditional Cantonese and Hokkien cuisine.

If your next trip will bring you to Hong Kong we suggest to let you be amazed by extraordinary dishes like Gai Lan (Chinese Kale), Char Siu (BBQ Pork) or Fresh Shrimp Dumplings. Once you have crossed the threshold you feel like stepping innto an ancient setting, a timeless venue unrelated to the modernity of our times. The furnishings is simple but nonetheless warm and welcoming.

Born in 1933, the Luk Yu is now a renown name since it became an historical venue of the city.

24-26 Stanley Street Hong-Kong

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