7 Via della Spiga #15

7 Via della Spiga (7VDS) is the brand’s first entirely Italian interior design project: the Henge mood was applied with no stylistic limits or constraints.

The products unite with Henge ideas that exalt and accentuate contrasts and that spawn suggestive antitheses. The concept of negation has always fascinated us, and inspires us to seek new materials that challenge our knowhow: for us this experimentation creates a kind of intellectual tension that moves us and binds us to each experience. 7VDS’s mission is to express our idea of the contemporary home, far removed from fads and intimately close to our love for materials: a home where furniture, lighting, custom solutions and art contaminate space with different and unexpected styles. A home where one can feel unique.

A story of contrasts and opposites

Stone, wood, brass and silver become Structure: front doors, boiserie and secret doors tell the story of the love between perfection and imperfection.

In the heart of the fashion district

Italy’s gateway to the international scene, a crossroads of cultures, capital of fashion and high society: with its wealth of contradictions Milan is, above all, beautiful.

More than a showroom

An interior design project that subverts the fleetingness of the showroom and the stereotypes of the sales space. 7VDS is the place that represents us, that reveals and bears witness to our approach, our way of being and thinking.

Henge mood

The journey to Milan began in January: in 90 days, along with our best men, we conceived, developed and created the first all-Italian Henge interior.

Research and materials

Brass meets the walls that touch the stone in a seamless intimation. The design takes in the art that confirms the natural beauty of contrasts.