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A simple question is our starting point in thinking about Henge, giving us food for thought and setting us free from any misconception created by the style, preconcepts, ideas and fashion waves on the market. Who, we share our homes with, is more than a piece of furniture, it is a companion in our travels, something that once it has entered our homes stay with us throughout life, setting up an intimate personal relationship that reflects our idea of what is beautiful. It is a presence that ages slowly with us, day by day taking on that distinctive sheen that only time can produce. To choose what we will share our homes with is a difficult task for the right balance between the mind, the mere functionality and the heart which brings our sense of beauty and passion into play. Such choices must necessarily reflect our personal feelings and provoke the same pleasure day after day.

Working natural materials by hand, we know that each piece is unique and that every product will be different from the next.


We have thought of objects that are very different from each other in terms of design approach, type and materials used. Sometimes worlds apart from each other, they can live well together and enter freely into many homes incorporating different styles to become strong elements that break with routine. The objects are free from the obsession that they must fit to a certain style, deliberately denying mannerisms and formalisms. The collection is made up of heterogeneous pieces, visionary protagonists of the domestic scene.


No industry can replicate what we create, because we remain bound to production principles where nature, weather, climate and the seasons still play a vital role in the final result, and where the working process has an ancient history of tradition and excellence.

A journey that began looking at our native land with new eyes, seemingly suspended in a timeless dimension and untouched by modernity, but which appears to the patient observer as being authentic and of excellent craftsmanship handed down from one generation to the next, the highest expression of Italian know-how.

A journey looking within ourselves, too; a moment of reflection on what we would like to have in our home and on contemporary living.

A project that continues today in keeping with its initial spirit, growing richer with every step, evolving with each experience, offering new visions and new inspirations; a path passing through places and times, reinterpreting the present.

We conceive and create products in which design and the expressive force of natural materials become an organic whole, a combination of space and nature.

Objects that are much more than a piece of furniture: a presence that ages slowly, together with us, day after day, developing that unique patina that only time can create. A journey in search of the difficult balance between the analysis of the mind and the reasons of the heart from which spring our personal sense of beauty and passion for the things that are intimate and familiar to us.It is precisely for this reason that people are at the center of our thoughts and our interest: for their ways of living, for their desires and the changes brought about by changing times and customs, factors that influence our needs and consequently what and how should we approach our projects.

Our approach to the projects knows no limits in regard to materials, technology and form.


Nature speaks in many voices, from its soft murmurs to its disruptive songs. It is a tireless soul that changes with each encounter; it revolutionizes its existence without losing itself, emanating its magnificent power even in the most delicate gestures.

Working natural materials by hand, we know that each piece is
unique and that every product will be different from the next.