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Magnificent presences

A journey into the experience of design and life

An encounter that sets the senses free and traces the colour of every day. The pieces we create at Henge are unique masterpieces that cherish within their souls a destination and all the emotions lived during the travel towards their realization.

Material feelings to experiment through a daily contact, discovering a design able to speak not only for itself, but also for the ones who choose it.

Choosing a piece of forniture is reductive. Because a piece of furniture is a whatever piece, it tastes like serial production, like something static that never truly belongs to you.

The philosophy that has led Henge since its dawn lays in the negation of these serial and industrial principles, enslaving our lives: at Henge, we create a design that embraces the total uniqueness, the idea of connecting each client and each experience not with a piece of furniture, yet with a traveling companion.

Creatures thought, designed and finished by the most brilliant minds and hands to become part of the lives of the ones who choose them, to grow and love on a daily basis.

The pieces we design find their synthesis in contrasts, diversities, releasing strong identities, adapting and living with highly dissonant styles, establishing themselves new harmonies, warmths and colours of the home.



Laboratory of research

We like to think we have no limits, we have no bounds with predetermined production methods nor with the use of a certain material.

We know we can fly with our minds and work with every essence, technology and shape, undergoing productive cycles only dependent on our hands and with the width of our ideas as the only acceptable limit.

Henge is a laboratory of research where creativity is the core that moves everything, from the first trace of lead on the project until the last, magic touch that finishes our masterpieces.

The limits exist only to be overcome with a new approach to the idea, creating a net of directions and possibilities that bring our experimentation on unprecedented dimensions of the material.



What Henge’s laboratory daily strives for is the knowledge of the impossible, to make it possible.

Made in Italy

The ancient experience of Italian artisan hands works Henge
products to recreate that excellence that is the fruit of passion and precision,
loved by the whole world for its quality and known by the name of Made in Italy.
The unique hand ability blends with Henge philosophy
and creates products that are standing-alone masterpieces,
with details distinguishing them from any other.



Our products are realized by the best artisans that cherish almost forgotten techniques coming from our culture and mix them with modern technologies, for a result that unites different histories and times in a unique item

Custom as a philosophy

The creative and artisan talents of Henge allow us
to go over the standard and to bend the limits of matter,
personalizing to the extreme every element, finishing and composition.
Our projects adapt and conquer the space
they are thought to compose,
coming to define and customize each part of the room
and making it an experience to love with every sense.
The proposals on the catalog become only examples
from where to start imagining to create something
really unique and inimitable.


The tailor-made planning quality for us at Henge is a value to emphasize to its maximum, sewing for the client the perfect suit to live in.

Respect for the world we inhabit

There is no object made by man truly able to avoid any effect on the environment.
What we of Henge decide to do is respecting the nature and the environment
we gather the fruits from. To play a role in the protection of health
and surrounding is essential when the aim is to deliver a product
which cannot be defined as organic, but meticulous:
from the attention paid to raw materials,
to their origin and characteristics and the reduction
of kilometers ran for the production.
Henge productive choices that prefer
the use of organic and natural finishings
to leather varnishing and treatment,
metals realized without harmful products,
paper material printed following FSC certification
are all witnesses of our approach and
sensibility for the world we inhabit.